Internet of Things – Driving Real Change in Insurance

Big data, analytics and advanced technologies are converging to have a profound effect on the insurance industry. Insurers are moving from a business model of indemification to one of risk mitigation. Real-time data generated from “things” like digital sensors and mobile devices is being analyzed by Machine Learning analytic techniques and generating powerful alerts and […]

Think Outside the Box with Design Thinking

When we attempt to solve problems, most of us are constrained by our experience. In fact, often we define problems looking for the solutions we already have in mind.  Design Thinking is an empathic approach that enables us to think and solve problems differently – really and truly from the customer perspective. Long used in […]

Innovate or Die!

Much has been written about innovation and the debate is still going – incremental or radical innovation. In reality, you need to do both. Startups have the advantage of not having to undo existing complexity and legacy thinking. Existing businesses need to think like a start up and laser focus their efforts on targeted iniatitives. […]