Google takes on Amazon and Microsoft with cloud offerings for blockchain devs

Blockchain is really entering the mainstream now. We’ve had an internal debate here at DBC about the terminology. I’ve maintained that “blockchain” is just one way of implementing “distributed ledger” technology. But we don’t always win the Jargon Wars by being precise. Now Google enters the fray, and they’re using the TLA “DLT”, for “Distributed […]

Internet of Things – Driving Real Change in Insurance

Big data, analytics and advanced technologies are converging to have a profound effect on the insurance industry. Insurers are moving from a business model of indemification to one of risk mitigation. Real-time data generated from “things” like digital sensors and mobile devices is being analyzed by Machine Learning analytic techniques and generating powerful alerts and […]

Terminology Wars: “Blockchain”

  • May 4, 2018
  • general
  • Jeff Worthington

Okay, I give up. I try to use new terms with some precision. Communication is better that way. But invariably, the marketers and the general press swoop in, half-understanding the new concept, and start throwing the new lingo around. Soon, it’s little better than jargon. A block chain is one way of technically implementing a distributed […]