Press Release — September 28, 2018

Digital Business Creations Innovates Through “Digital Launchpad” Methodology

Companies are overwhelmed by the pace of change and implementing digital technologies. We help companies to understand the value of digital technologies through our “Digital Launchpad” to reimagine their business model before it falls behind or becomes irrelevant.

 GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, September 18, 2018 — Digital Business Creations, LLC, an insurance-focused digital solution provider and business consultancy, today announced the creation of a “Digital Launchpad” methodology for digital startups or transformation initiatives.

“Many insurers have been subliminally putting off digital transformation efforts,” said Pat Saporito, Advisor, Data & Analytics, “They feel that because they have some digital projects underway, that they are on the right track. Others don’t know where to start. Some insurers are more than ready to implement digital environments, but they hit a barrier when they consider that they will need data and analytics transformation to fulfill the promise of their digital plans.”

With those insurers in mind, Digital Business Creations developed a quick-start digital transformation methodology that utilizes “digital thinking” from a maturity assessment phase, all the way through digital solution implementations. Based on design thinking, “digital thinking” draws stakeholders together in developing a joint vision of digital opportunities and helps them to prepare for the future with a digital roadmap for change.

“Everyone is focused on the customer,” said Jeff Worthington, CTO & Director of
Advanced Technology, Digital Business Creations. “But capturing the customer, now
and in the future, is going to require the kind of technical agility that most companies can’t achieve yet. They are looking at their current state and they have some ideas about their future goals, but exactly what their digital future should look like and how to get there are impossibly hazy. Digital Business Creations helps organizations crystallize their vision and find the route to get there. We help them achieve the vision of an agile environment that will enable them to respond to uncertain futures.”

For a deeper explanation of DBC’s proprietary “Digital Launchpad” methodology, or to learn more about how “digital thinking” can impact an organization, visit While you are there, take advantage of DBC self-assessments or request more information.

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DBC is a professional services company focused on improving business performance and innovation through digital technologies. DBC consultants have deep industry and technology experience in insurance and financial services, healthcare, and life sciences. Practice areas include: Data and Analytics, Enterprise Architectures, Solution Architecture and Development, IoT, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger and Emerging Technologies, and Digital Startups/Transformation.

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