Press Release — September 14, 2018

Insurance Transformation Team Opens the Doors on Digital Business Creations

Digitally-focused consultants help insurers build future-ready roadmaps

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, September 4, 2018 — Digital Business Creations, LLC, today announced that it is accepting new clients for new kind of digital transformation experience that will jumpstart or restart digital initiatives.

Digital Business Creations is an insurance-focused digital solution provider and business consultancy created by insurance industry veterans with the specific goal of assisting insurers and others in their quest to become digitally-enabled, agile and ready for the future. Digital Business Creations guides insurers, tech companies and startups in digital strategy development, data and analytics program development and architecture alignment.

“We are seeing a tremendous interest in a new kind of digital transformation,” said Dennis Steckler, CEO, Digital Business Creations, “It takes a quick step back from siloed digital initiatives in order to make a giant leap forward along an enterprise-wide strategic path. Many insurers are ready to make mature moves and decisions regarding their digital initiatives. For most of them, their only hurdle is getting started.”

With those insurers in mind, Digital Business Creations developed a quick-start digital transformation methodology that can be utilized as either a transformational toolset or as a foundation for startups or incubators. Using a series of short assessments and in-depth workshops, organizations can, in a few short weeks, have a plan in place, with all teams unified behind implementation projects.

Digital Business Creations’ focus on digital enterprise alignment keeps organizations on their strategic path along four key areas: business, technology, strategy and digital efforts. The result is an organization where every initiative, team and person is driving toward shared goals and a promising digital future.

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About Digital Business Creations

DBC is a professional services company focused on improving business performance and innovation through digital technologies. DBC consultants have deep industry and technology experience in insurance and financial services, healthcare, and life sciences. Practice areas include: Data and Analytics, Enterprise Architectures, Solution Architecture and Development, IoT, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger and Emerging Technologies, and Digital Startups/Transformation.

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