Internet of Things

Transactions and interactions are increasingly connected in real time. Existing businesses are looking to monitor existing opportunities and threats in real time leveraging data generated by connected devices.  We can help you develop an IoT strategy, identify key opportunities, and plan and execute IoT initiatives employing networked devices.

Offer: Internet of Things Maturity Mini Assessment

  • Conduct a self assessment on your current maturity
  • Review your maturity against other assessment participants
  • Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your maturity

Our IoT Services include:

Strategy: Assess current IoT maturity, define future state & strategy, identify capability gaps.

  • Define future state (desired use cases, IoT workflow, monitoring & alerts, data & analytics)
  • Assess current maturity and gaps
  • Develop IoT strategy and high level roadmap

IoT Opportunity Identification: Review current business processes, identify key opportunities for proof of concept (POC)/pilot.

  • Review current issues/opportunities
  • Explore &  prioritize POC/pilot candidates
  • Create cost/benefit business case
  • Define risk mitigation & insurance benefits

POC /Pilot Development: Validate POC/pilot, identify and integrate data, connect sensors/devices and create analytics.

  • Build POC/Pilot
  • Create data & technical architecture
  • Validate cost/benefit and go/no go for productionalization

IoT Productionalization: Productionalize and integrate POC/pilot into  business processes.

  • Business process integration
  • Data and technical integration
  • Product management
  • Socialize/educate key stakeholders

Download our IoT Workshop Fact Sheet below.