Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is all about alignment. For an enterprise to achieve its objectives effectively and efficiently, both business and information technology must be working together towards the same goals. All companies are now technology companies, and it’s no longer a case of IT supporting the business, but the two as equal partners.  Our EA practice ensures that your IT and business are aligned. We can help you analyze your EA maturity, catalog and assess your current IT systems, recommend an alignment strategy, and develop and guide the execution of a plan of action.

Offer: EA Maturity Mini Self Assessment (Web Assessment Coming Soon!)

  • Conduct a self assessment on your current EA maturity
  • Review your maturity against other assessment participants
  • Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your Enterprise Architecture maturity

Our key services include:

EA Maturity Assessment: Assess your current EA state. Do you have an enterprise architecture? Yes, you do, even if it’s not documented or planned.

Your Enterprise Architecture Miranda rights:
If you do not consciously design an enterprise architecture, a de facto one will emerge for you.

Starting from your current capabilities, processes, tools, and documentation, we’ll help you analyze any gaps and identify opportunities for EA Maturity.

  • Assess existing enterprise architecture
  • Identify EA gaps and develop EA principles
  • Define roadmap to effect the Enterprise Architecture principles

Enterprise Architecture Strategy: 

  • Establish and socialize EA principles for your organization
  • Catalog your enterprise’s existing information systems and underway projects
  • Interview key business and IT stakeholders
  • Define detailed project portfolio to implement the Enterprise Architecture strategy

EA Change Management: Identify and develop ways to address culture and change management issues

  • Identify culture and change management issues
  • Develop governance approaches to address
  • Create incentives and rewards program