Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are table stakes in every industry; yet despite investments and efforts, organizations have significant gaps. Our data and analytics services are designed to help an organization assess its existing analytic maturity and evolve to the next level using a “think big, start small” pragmatic approach.

Offer: Data and Analytics Mini Self Assessment

  • Conduct a self assessment on your current maturity
  • Review your maturity against other assessment participants
  • Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your maturity


Our Key Services include:

Performance Management: Review/define business performance management metrics  & visualization

  • Performance Management Dashboard Design/ Development
  • KPI Framework Development including leading indicators

Strategy & Alignment: Assess data and analytic maturity level and execution capabilities; review corporate, analytics & data strategy alignment;  recommendations and roadmap for improvement.

  • Analytics Strategy Assessment
  • Information Strategy Assessment
  • Business Analytics Competency Center Development

Data & Analytics Foundation: Review/develop data models, baseline analytics, data marts, and baseline analytics.

  • Data model review/development
  • Data mart development
  • Data Exploration & Visualization (Self Service Data and Analytics)
  • Dashboard review/development

Advanced Analytics: Review/define advanced analytics needs, capabilities and gaps; develop proofs of concept/pilots.

  • Big Data
  • Data & Text Mining
  • Predictive Model Development & Automation
  • IoT/Robotics/Sensors
  • Gamification
  • Block Chain/Distributed Ledger Technology

Download our Data and Analytics Workshop Fact Sheet below.