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DBC Link fuses technology and business solutions into a unified model for growth.

Digital Thinking

Companies are overwhelmed by the pace of change and implementing digital technologies. Digital Business Creations helps companies to understand the value of digital technologies through our “Digital Launchpad” to reimagine their business model before it falls behind or becomes irrelevant.

Digital success starts with a proven approach. DBC employs Digital Thinking to analyze and address business problems and opportunities. We work cooperatively with clients in a co-innovation relationship to identify multiple routes for transformation, honing-in on those that fit.

Business performance is only as good as the thinking that goes into development, so we build teams using highly-skilled subject matter experts and development consultants. Each are industry and technology veterans within insurance, financial services, healthcare, and life sciences.

DBC Practices At-A-Glance

We bring our depth and breadth of experience to bear on your requirements. We specialize in these areas:

Construct a meaningful data acquisition framework. Customize the tools that give you visibility. Automate data-based decisions. Start realizing analytic value. Build for the future, because data streams and utilization channels are growing to meet the need. Where do you begin? Read more…

Build and design your start-up plan, including objectives, operations, financing, and execution.

Apply emerging technologies to make your business more innovative, agile, and customer-centric. Use DBC’s business-focused digital assessment, define an enterprise strategy and roadmap, then develop and implement an execution plan. Read more…

Develop your Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and execute your plans to fulfil your business requirements. Employ networked devices to solve business problems in insurance and other verticals. Read more…

Barriers to Entry

Are you struggling with any of these digital issues?

  • Where to Begin
  • No Cohesive Strategy
  • Using Digital to Reach New Markets
  • IoT Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture out of Alignment
  • No Framework for Data and Analytics
  • Difficulty Supporting ROI

Digital Business Creations understands the issues and the barriers that keep companies from realizing their growth potential. By keeping a business-oriented focus on transformation, we ensure that new technology paths provide new avenues for efficiency and growth.

Our Team

Dennis Steckler

Dennis Steckler


Jeff Worthington

Jeff Worthington


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Our Work

Digital Startup / Transformation

Reengineer and digitize specialty product business processing

Design thinking workshop and recommendations to improve existing patient health and wellness management program for a health insurer

Design thinking workshop and business model development for new product for a property/casualty insurer

Business plan/marketing plan development/review for multiple startups focused on insurance industry

Business model/go to market review for various insuretech startups

Data Analytics

Enterprise analytic strategy assessment and strategy roadmap development for a property/casualty insurer.

Business Analytic Competency Center blueprint for life, property/casualty and health insurers.

Claims management KPI validation and dashboard prototype development for a specialty health insurer.

Design thinking workshop and recommendations to improve patient health and wellness management program for a health insurer.

Executive level dashboard development for a hospital system.

Design thinking workshop and business model development for new product for a property/casualty insurer.

Internet of Things / Machine Learning

End to end data capture and dashboard development visualization for commercial property risk mitigation

Mobile health device integration and alerts

Automobile insurance telematics integration

Claims fraud detection algorithm definition and workflow

Software System Diagnostics

Software implementation audit

Client business impact analyses

Rehabilitation planning and execution

Fractional CIO and Project Management services

Insurance Industry Penetration Services

Client insurance industry solutioning

Client introductions to insurance industry executives

Insurance program strategic planning

Execution services


We'd love to have the chance to talk to you about your business and how we can deploy our deep industry knowledge and technology experience toward helping you digitally transform.

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